Please view the Special Announcements section of the home page for additional events or range closings.

Pavilion Closing

The pavilion area of the range is to be considered CLOSED whenever a match is being held.

Work Parties

   Saturday, March 30th 2024 - starting 8:00 A.M.
          Activities will include target frame installation,
          general cleanup and brush and limb removal.
          Please bring pertinent tools, such as drills, chainsaws, rakes, etc.

Work days are often scheduled for 1 or 2 weekends during April and as needed.
Repair of target frames, berm areas and general cleanup is usually needed.
Bringing cordless power tools and generators is a great aid.

There is always a need and appreciation for help mowing the berms.
The club has a garden tractor for this use.
Please contact us if interested.

Please view the Special Announcements section of the home page for the exact schedule.

Membership Meetings

Forbes holds quarterly meetings, on the 4th Tuesday of the month, for the months of January, April, July and October.
Members who have provided a valid e-mail address should receive a notice confirming the actual date.

Only members in good standing or BOD invitees may attend meetings.
Non-members, including guests of a member, must receive prior permission by the BOD to attend.

The general membership meeting starts at 7:00 P.M.

Meetings are to be held at the American Legion Zaloga Post.
The post can be reached by travelling on I-90, exiting at Exit 5 (Everett Road).
Continue northbound on Everett Road a short distance, reaching Exchange St.
A Sunoco gas station is towards the left.
The Zaloga Post is slightly ahead and towards the right.

Please view the Special Announcements section of the home page for the exact schedule.

SR-1 Card Printout

Click here for a printable copy of the Forbes SR-1 card.

Non-Members or Guests

Any use of the range by a non-member, including a guest, must be accompanied by a signed hold-harmless document.
The document needs to be completed only once, but must be given to the match director or club official prior to use.
All non-members or guests must stay with the member hosting them or the activity being attended.
Click here for the hold-harmless document.

2024 NRA F-Class Rulebook

There have been several changes to the F-Class rules for 2024.
Please acquaint yourself with the currect NRA rules.

Click here to view the rulebook.

2024 Long Range, Service Rifle & Other Matches

Dates Course of Fire Contact
May 18th – 19th
Registered Long Range Palma
800, 900 & 1,000 yards
Click here for Program
Mike Burline
June 8th – 9th
Registered Long Range Tournament
1,000 yards
Click here for Program
Art Tooker
July 13th - 14th
Guy Gamello HP Memorial Weekend
NRA Regional High Power (Sat.)
CMP Service Rifle EIC (Sun.)

Click here for Program
Click here for Entry Form
Click here for CMP Affidavit
John Olszewski

July 20th – 21st Registered Long Range Palma 
800, 900 & 1,000 yards
Click here for Program
John DeBrita

September 14th – 15th   Registered Long Range Tournament  
1,000 yards
Click here for Program
Tony Milograno

2024 Forbes High Power League

Generally held on selected Saturday mornings, utilizing a U.S. Service Rifle or Match Rifle.
Squadding is at 10:00 A.M. at the 200-yard line.
First shot downrange is at 11:00 A.M.

Course of Fire: 80 shot course (+2 sighters per position)
200 yards – Off-hand and Sitting Rapid-Fire
300 yards – Prone Rapid-Fire
600 yards – Prone Slow-Fire


April 20, May 11, June 15, August 24, September 21
October 12 (rain date)

2024 300-Yard Mid-Range Prone Matches

Starts at 1:00PM.
Traditional coat-and-sling, as well as F-Class, allowed.

Contacts: listed in the respective program.

April 13, May 4, Sept. 7,   Oct. 5    

  Click here for April 13th Program
  Click here for May 4th Program
  Click here for September 7th Program
  Click here for October 5th Program

Eastern NY Rifle League (Smallbore) 2023-2024

The Eastern New York Rifle League is presently composed of 3 teams from the surrounding area (Forbes, Iroquois and Pine Tree).
Matches are generally held Friday evenings, from early December through late March.
Each club can field as many members as wish to participate.
The team's aggregate score for a match is taken from the top five scores for that match.

The match consists of 10 shots, single load, in the prone, sitting or kneeling and standing positions with a 40 minute time limit, indoors at 50 feet.
Scopes or iron sights may be used; shooter's option.
Shooting coats, slings and gloves are permitted.
Forbes' members can practice at the Watervliet Fish & Game Club's indoor range on Wednesday evenings starting at 8:00 p.m.

Course of Fire: 30 shots – 10 prone, 10 sitting or kneeling, 10 off-hand + sighters

Anyone interested in participating with the Forbes team can contact

Click here to view a printable copy of the entire league schedule and club contact information.

Click here for directions to Iroquois Rod and Gun Club.
Click here for directions to Pine Tree Rifle Club.

600-Yard Practice Dates

Typically held every Thursday.
This practice is single load, slow fire only.
All must have a known zero.
NOTICE: On Thanksgiving Day, the range is limited to 200-yards only!

2024 1,000-Yard Practice Dates

Typically held on pre-selected Monday mornings, weather permitting.

Squad at 7:00 to 7:30, shoot from 8:00am until 12:00pm.
This allows enough time for approximately 40 rounds.
Bring a puller or get matched up.
All must have at least a 600-yard zero to shoot.
Twenty minutes of additional elevation up from 600-yards usually gets you to 1,000-yards.

A current Forbes membership card must be presented by each shooter to the line officer at the time of squadding.
Non-members with a confirmed 600 yard zero may participate after paying a $10 fee to the line officer.
Shooters at each firing point are responsible for re-facing their target before leaving the range.
Anyone failing to do so will not be allowed to participate in future practices.

April 8, May 13, June 3, July 15, August 19, September 9, October 7


A special rate is available for our entrants at:

1630 Central Avenue
Albany, NY

The (lastknown) rate is $49.95 per night, including a Continental Breakfast.
You must state that your stay is for a shooting match.
The motel has Forbes' schedule of matches and practice dates.