Memorial in Honor of our Founders

Forbes was founded in 1927, with incorporation following in 1938. Except for a short hiatus during World War II, it has been conducting NRA and CMP sanctioned rifle matches ever since.

The club’s range allows both National Match and Long Range Rifle competition out to 1000 yards. The 200, 300 and 600 yard ranges are available to members for practice while the 800, 900 and 1000 yard ranges are open for practice on scheduled days announced as soon as arrangements are made.

The 600 yard range is open to Forbes’ members on Thursdays only. On other days members may use either the 200-yard or 300-yard range. If using the 300-yard range, members should use stations to the left of the berm if Watervliet’s skeet range is in use. It is possible for the fall of shot to reach the right side of the 300-yard line. Members may use targets provided in the range shed, which is to the right of the target pit.

The range pavilion is also available to members for bench shooting.

The ranges are open for practice from 8:00AM to dusk.

In all cases, practice is on a first come first serve basis although cooperation is always the watchword. If someone is already on the line practicing, newcomers must wait until those on the line have completed their course of fire before starting their own. Shooters on the line and who have completed their course of fire are expected to allow new arrivals to put up targets and set up for their practice before resuming. Hearing and eye protection is also required.

Members and guests are expected to adhere strictly to the Range Rules.

Forbes usually conducts four long range high power rifle matches during the year as well as a high power rifle 80 round National Match Course League. In addition, Forbes fields a team that participates in a winter small-bore league. The small-bore league schedule consists of 15 matches; each match is a 30 round course of fire, single load, 10 each standing, sitting or kneeling and prone. The small-bore league is open to any member regardless of experience and you may participate in as many or as few matches as desired.

If competitive shooting interests you, further information, as well as an application, can be found at our Membership page.